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The Video Game QA Software Tester Course is designed for those looking to get a foot into the games industry.

This course is not just about playing games, students will have to have the desire to go further and be able to analyse issues within games, then deconstruct how issues are being created and make recommendations on how these can be fixed. It is not just limited to code errors and faults but also how to generally improve the game.

The QA Software Tester has a unique position within the game development framework. Whilst an Artist / Animator will be responsible for the look and feel of a game, the Game Programmer the technology and the Game Designer deals with the ideas, a QA Tester is the person whose job it is to ensure that a game goes from start to finish without crashing or producing unexpected results.

Don't believe the public view that all a Video Games QA Software Tester does is play games all day. Whilst this may sound very appealing the QA Tester is an integral part of the development team. The course is taught by experienced QA professionals and presented in a proven unique method that enables students to learn all the concepts and tools required.

Below are some of the key objectives that are part of the course and that as a student you will achieve:

  • Provide a thorough understanding of games testing and quality assurance so at the end of the diploma the student is ready to take up a job as a QA Technician
  • Teach current QA and testing methodology using bespoke industry relevant software applications
  • Ensure that the student understands the industry terminology and factors that may affect how they work
  • Improve the student’s knowledge through seminars and lectures theoretical and technical from key industry professionals
  • Help the student produce and create a project portfolio as well as examples of game testing reports and plans
  • Introduce students to the game development workflow process and how the QA Tester fits into this process
  • To work with the student in developing career opportunities

The course is designed to allow you to progress at your own rate therefore making it easier for anyone currently working to stay in their current job whilst they complete the course and then look for a new role.

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