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Below are examples of real life jobs being offered:

Games Systems Programmer - Up to £40,000 - London
Sony Computer Entertainment is looking for an experienced and enthusiastic senior systems programmer to join a team on an as yet unannounced game project. The job will involve being responsible for the integration and use of the studio's engine SDK with the game code. Development of the game's systems layer to support the rest of the game programming team. Keeping the game up to date with the latest release of the SDK, as well as developing features to be rolled back into the SDK. This role requires someone with strong overall game development experience who can bring all the pieces together and make them work.

Senior UI Designer - £37,000 - Scotland
Senior UI Designer who is highly skilled in both graphic and user interface design and an expert in the use of Flash and ActionScript. Duties/Responsibilities include contributing to the art vision for the user interface of a huge, ambitious and unique project.

Game Designer - £35,000 - North East
The successful applicant will be responsible for the production and development of concepts and game ideas and all other supplementary documentation/concept development. Throughout development you will be responsible for ensuring the game and assets are design compliant.

Source: OPM Recruitment (May 2010)


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