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Q- What are the opportunities for people in the Games Industry?

The games industry in the UK is large and is seen as an important part of the overall UK economy by the government. All major game developer companies have offices in the UK as well as there being many smaller independent companies.

Q- Is it possible to start working before the end of the training?

It may be possible to start working before finishing your course as often employers are looking for people in starting positions who have very little to no prior experience.

Q- Is it difficult to get work experience?

This will depend largely on your passing the exam and also on the quality of your portfolio work. For many studios, this is seen as the key element in being successful at interview. Regardless of your course option, you will be encouraged to build a strong portfolio of work.

Q- Can I continue working at my current position whilst training?

Course programs are delivered via open distance learning courses, so you can study at home and manage your studies around work and other personal commitments.


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- Minimum age requirement is 17 years.
- Courses start from as little as £15/week.

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